04.17.05 Pigface show? Very soon! Tuesday, 4/19/05, actually. Email me for tickets- $12, buy four get one free. Too late to mail, but we can arrange for you to receive tickets outside the door!

01.19.05 WE ARE STILL ALIVE. There's been a few hardware issues on my end over here and they've been sorted out. More updates to come but for now, just don't forget that we exist. Expect some show dates to appear in the not to distant future!

09.26.04 Shows updated! There has been a bit of a slow down lately due to some tight schedules and the like. But we're not dead! We're still working on new material and practicing for live sets. October holds some great shows and November will be productive as well. Our shirts are currently in the design stage [we promise they'll be done eventually] with the help of a friend of ours. We've gotten a couple orders for the remix disc, and we still have a few left, so don't be the asshole who waited too long to get it! That's enough for now, we'll let you know when there's anything new!

07.13.04 Check out the merch page, kids. We've finally gotten around to accepting credit cards [with the help of Paypal, of course]. This is for online orders only, though, so if you see us at a show you need cold hard cash, nothing less. Speaking of shows, I expect at least some of you to be there tonight- could you possibly be anywhere else than a twenty first birthday? I doubt it, and if you don't come, then you'll be wearing a scarlet letter and everyone will make fun of you.

07.13.04 The remix has been released. Track listing will be posted in the merchandise section soon enough.. within the next 24 hours. There will also be a sample track, or at least part of one. Ok, more later.

07.13.04 Added a show that's on August 6th, in Hudson, NH. We're hoping that everyone local to us will come out and have fun- it's a birthday show for our very own Ded E.
As for the remix..... final information and samples will be up the day it's released. We'll be doing a "special" combo-type-of-thing. More news comes in the future!

06.26.04 thanks to any and all who made it to our recent shows! we had a great time in providence, and we'll be there again soon enough. check the shows section. the remix ep has been completed, we are waiting to hear from gritware, so we can begin duping the cds. more news coming soon.

05.06.04 new shows added! there's another show that will be added once we get all the finalized information. we're just about wrapping up the remix ep, just waiting for a couple more remixes. hopefully it will be ready by those shows, we'll see. [edit: i'm not going to bother to post again, but i have added the new show!]

02.22.04 thanks to everyone who made it to the two shows we just played! we had a great time both nights. here's some stuff you may be interested in:

- the sounds link is not working. it seems that the host we were using has, like every other dot com in the world, failed. we have some mp3s at, but i think sooner or later, we'll have a whole slew of new mp3s.

- we are not currently booked for any shows... but we're not just sitting around, either. possible remixes are coming, along with some new recorded material. of course, everything is still in it's first steps, so please be patient with us.

- and that's basically it, i just wanted to have four points. check back in a few weeks and see what's happening.

this just added, we are booked in lowell, ma. we're going on last, i hear. details coming soon.

01.19.04 well, we didn't get the show at the middle east for thanks to anyone who supported us and voted anyways! in other news, we have booked a couple shows, information can be found in the shows section of this page. there is also another review of our album, corruption of reason, online at

12.09.03 tragedie ann has been selected as one of three bands in a contest for the boston area. please help us by voting for us to be the opening band at the suicide girls live burlesque tour! winner will open for boston date of tour at the middle east.. thank you for the support! [click on "boston, ma" in the top right of the city list]

11.27.03 there is a couple reviews of us online. here is one of them about our show with BILE and Nocturne:

"next was tragedie ann. they were an industrial band that blew me away. in my opinion they are the next skinny puppy. they were my favorite opener of the night. if you get a chance see them do it they are just great I cant say enough good things about them."

one about Corruption of Reason can be found here. you may need to search for us. here's an exerpt:

"Angry, distorted vocals are blended in with nice heavy duty metal guitar riffs, pounding industrial beats, a load of distortion and synth sequencing and programming that goes from layers of pads to more ebm oriented arpeggiators."

we're happy with the positive reviews, and hope to see more of any type online or in print soon. we'll be doing stuff soon, i swear.

11.07.03 thanks to anyone who came to see us in pawtucket! we had a good time at the show, and appreciate the good response. we have one show booked currently, in warwick, ri. it's free, so if you're 21+, and in the area, you should come out and play. we will be selling copies of "corruption of reason," as well as stickers being given away and such. unfortunately i must report that we are out of shirts. thanks to any who supported us by buying one. we will have more made soon, probably with a new design. new tracks are being written, we have made progress since the release of our full length album. expect something new over the next few months.. we have already begun to play new stuff live, so that'll be your first chance to hear any!

09.15.03 again, it's been way too long since the last update. welcome to the new our debut CD, "corruption of reason" is now out on binaryzero communications. 12 tracks, 55 minutes of music. you can check out the tracklisting here, and you can order it here. we've got some shows coming up; one in centereach, NY and one in pawtucket, RI. there's also another one in springfield, MA that we don't have any real details on as of yet. check the "shows" section for details. if you're interested in booking tragedie ann, email the band here.

06.21.03 it's been way too long. i have been having some trouble updating the site. but there is is plenty of news. first off and foremost, we are going to be playing with Hanzel und Gretyl, of Metropolis Records, and Voodou of Invisible Records. This will take place at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT.
We have nearly completed our full length, "Corruption of Reason." We have some finishing touches, plus mastering and duplication will take a little time. All of the details will be up when it's complete, in the merchandise section. Pictures coming soon.

04.11.03 we regret to inform anyone interested that we are cancelling our may 18th show at the bomb shelter, because we are no longer interested in that club. again, show was a bust. no monitors, no actual sound guy [just some guy who worked there], and little to no respect shown to bands that are playing. we cannot perform a show with those kinds of things happening.

stay tuned. we are in the process of something good.

04.07.03 show yesterday fell through as we all arrived. apparently, someone hadn't done something that was crucial for the show's success, and it sort of eliminated any chance of having one. The club wants to make it up to us by rebooking. As you can see in the shows section, we have been booked at the bomb shelter again, for two shows. hopefully there will be a bit more success at these shows.

new shows have been added.

03.24.03 has finally been set up. as soon as i can get a hold of a little bit more money, we can eliminate that annoying banner that is there when you use that url. to get directly to the intro page, use

thank you to everyone who came and saw us play in hartford. we had an awesome time seeing everyone, and were pleased with our performance. we have a video and a recording of the set, so you can expect some live clips or something soon. intricate unit and collapse into reason helped us open the show. they did great sets, check them out if you've got a minute. so, again, thanks to everyone who came and supported us!

a new show has been added.

03.10.03 we are having more trouble still with our domain registrar. will be back, as soon as the registrar we are paying gives us access to all of the things we paid for. other news:

there was an issue with the image we had provided for the stickers, so they will not be sent out until [at the latest] march 22. it doesn't matter that much though, we aren't allowed to give away stickers at the webster theater anyways. shirts are being made right now, and we will have them by march 16. We are hoping to record our set at the show. After that we will try to give people who bought tickets from us copies. There hasn't been any official organizing of that yet, however. The day is near, if you don't have tickets, email us to purchase them. Hey, it's cheaper than at the door!

Also, I have updated the bios/contact page.

02.25.03 welcome to the new tragedie ann website. we have opted to link to the binaryzero communications website because [1] it costs us more to direct you directly to our site, and [2] we want to get a little bit more attention to bzc and what they're all about. now for actual news...

we have been working on our full length album for some time now, i believe nearly six months. we have released shirts [which are all sold out now.] we will have new shirts for our next show that will cost $10. And we have stickers. They are two for a buck, or one free with any purchase. Although the full length is not ready, we are going to have a cd ready for the show with four remastered tracks on it. after we play this show, we are going to take the time to finally finish our full length, which we hope to have out by summer. At that point, there will be more shows. Please feel free to check out the rest of the bzc site, check out some links, and do whatever you "internet users" do. As always, more information on the way.