the following is an analytical look at our history:
Spring 2000 in Nashua, NH
Chantilly's; Manchester, NH
Falls Tavern; Sanford, ME
Sydney's; Lawrence, MA
The Palladium; Worcester, MA
Webster Theater; Hartford, CT
Exit 23; Haverhill, MA
Greeley Park; Nashua, NH
Euphoria; Hudson, NH
Showplace Theater, Buffalo, NY
Club Fuel; Lowell, MA
Gaelic Club; Lowell, MA
Midway Cafe; Jamaica Plain, MA
King's Club; Centereach, NY
and more...
Porcupine Defense
Pneumatic Detach
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
Pine Tree State Mind Control
Jekyll Island
all tragedie ann releases have been produced and manufactured by the band,
except "corruption of reason," manufactured by superdups
summer 2000
hollow [5 track EP]
fall 2000
die to burn [mp3/single]
spring 2001
tool for murder [mp3/single]
spring 2002
20-3 [mp3/single]
spring 2002
skin zombie [mp3/single]
summer 2003
corruption of reason [full length cd]

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Personal Bios
Ded E.
Equipment: Shure SM-58 microphone, DOD VoTech
Musical Influences: BILE, Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, At the Gates
Musical Preference: same as above, plus many more...
Favorite TA Song: "Tool for Murder," "Skin Zombie," "20-3"
Greatest Moment with TA: Either when we played with Porcupine Defense or BILE
Likes: Loud Noises, Horror Movies, Violent Crowds, Andy and his bald head, Lily Evol and all her panty shots, Phlegm and all of his chickens, and last but definitely not least, beer.
Dislikes: anything that was not listed above
Useless Information: Everything you just read was useless
Contact Info: tragedieann@aol.com
guitar, backup vocals
Equipment: Ibanez 7-String, various Boss/Ibanez effects pedals, Fender 2x12 combo
Musical Influences: American Head Charge, Bile, Nation of Fear, Six Feet Under, Nocturne, KMFDM
Musical Preference: industrial, powernoise, grindcore, black metal
Favorite TA Song: "Skin Zombie"
Greatest Moment with TA: Playing with Porcupine Defense in Lowell, MA. OR  Playing with Pigface in Hartford, CT.
Likes: music, computers, movies, black coffee
Dislikes: the general public
Contact Info: tragedieandy@earthlink.net
keyboards, programmming
Equipment: roland mc-505, boss dr-770, korg electribe es-1, my computer, yamaha cs1x
Musical Influences: Nation of Fear, BILE, Velvet Acid Christ, various electronic stuff
Musical Preference: psytrance, idm, jungle, some black metal, industrial
Favorite TA Song: "Tear Her Eyes"
Greatest Moment with TA: Playing with Porcupine Defense in Lowell, MA [i guess we all really liked that show.... or maybe it was the tequila]
Likes: some of this, some of that, good times, music
Dislikes: hypocrisy, the downfall of musical standards, arriving at an unprepared venue
Contact Info: callmephlegm@aol.com