Tragedie Ann live

A violent Industrial Metal act hailing from Nashua, NH, Tragedie Ann has been playing shows with artists as diverse as Bile, Pigface, Pneumatic Detach, and LiveSexAct.

Currently in the studio recording
a follow up EP to their debut album:
"Corruption of Reason"

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Perverse:Intellect - BIN-010-009

1. Vomitorium/Tool for Murder (Kotbussen mix by PTSMC)
2. My Pretty Doll (Kellog's Breakfast Cereal mix by Hansel)
3. Tool for Murder (Concealed mix by BILE)
4. Skin Zombie (Reconstructing the Dead mix by The Vomit Arsonist)
5. Tech Nine (RE:Load mix by Process of Elimination)
6. Once Upon an Infection (Cuntfuck mix by Operation D)
7. 20-3 (SExcess Sodomy Stomp mix by Alexplosive of LiveSexAct)
8. Broken (Ennui Go mix by Flandex)
9. What Becomes Her (demo)
10. Once Upon an Infection (demo)

CD-R (50 copy limited edition) - 2004


corruption of reasonCorruption of Reason - BIN-010-008

1. Influx
2. Tear Her Eyes
3. Skin Zombie
4. My Pretty Doll
5. Nauseous Feelings
6. Tech Nine
7. Paroxysm
8. Triskadecaphobia
9. Broken
10. Tool for Murder
11. Vomitorium
12. Die to Burn

CD - 2003