process live 3-12-2k4

Process Of Elimination is a quartet from Buffalo, NY. Combining elements from industrial, trance, drum n bass, rock, classical, and noise, Process seeks to find a new element of electronic expression.

Currently recording their debut album "Vectored" and completing a number of remixes for other acts.

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Promowhore - BIN-010-010

Surgical Strike:
1.) End Of Line
2.) Social Redefinition
3.) Encode
Opposing Force:
4.) Encode (Codec's day off mix by cisc)
5.) AKP - Agoneer (fading lifespan mix) courtesy of AKP
6.) Pulse State - Goddess in Motion (perpetual emotion mix) courtesy of Pulse State

bonus data section contains all the tracks and the original versions
of the AKP, and Pulse State tracks, for your enjoyment and online sharing.

May 2005

Final Option EP - BIN-010-007

1.) Organic OS
2.) Bi-Directional
3.) Culture?
4.) Mechanism (2.0)
5.) Infected
6.) Articulated Coma
7.) Mechanism (broke down doll) remix by Emotikon

April 2003


Form And Function EP - BIN-010-006

1.) Mechanism
2.) Entropy
3.) Recognizer
4.) Articulated Coma

selected copies featured a hidden 5th track,
a cover of Metal by Gary Numan

July 2002