Our Venue for 2014 will be announced this Spring!

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A “block” of programming can consist of one short and one feature, two shorts and one feature, three shorts and one feature, or a collection of shorts.  Admission is $8.00 per block.  Weekday Day Passes are $20.00 per day, Weekend Day Passes are $25.00 per day.  An All Festival Pass costs $79.00 until October 31st and $99.00 after that.

Our venue is the Dipson Theatres’ Amherst Theatre,a triplex  located at 3500 Main Street in Buffalo, New York, in the University Plaza, across the street from the University of Buffalo South campus.  We’ll be housed in the middle auditorium, which is the largest (325 seats).  There is a parking lot next to the theater, and plenty of college dining spots in walking distance (but it will be a cold walk).  There is a McDonald’s next door, and Zetti’s Pizza in the same plaza.

Admission is $8.00 per block (genrally a feature and one or two shorts, but sometimes two hours’ worth of shorts).   We also offer a day pass for $20.00 on weekdays and $25.00 on Saturday and Sunday.  An All Festival Pass is available for $79.00 through October 31st, and for $90.00 after that.

Advance tickets will soon be available online at Dipson Theatres dot com: http://www.dipsontheatres.com/




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