Submissions for our 2015 Original Unproduced Feature Film Screenplay Competition are open.

The Regular Deadline for film/screenplay submissions to Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is Wed, July 1st; The Late Deadline is Tuesday, September 1st; and the Extended Deadline is Monday, September 14th.  Submissions must be made through FilmFreeway or Without a Box.

Our Unproduced Feature Film Screenplay competition sets forth the following rules:

All submitted screenplays must be original works, using characters and scenarios created by the author, or using characters and scenarios in the public domain.

Screenplays must be feature length: 80 – 130 pages.

Screenplays must be in standard screenplay format, and may NOT be handwritten. The screenplay title, author’s name, contact information and tracking number must appear on the title page.

Screenplays must have numbered pages.

Screenplays must belong to the following genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Thriller, Comedy or Cult/Bizarro. For our purposes, Action includes westerns, war, martial arts, crime dramas, etc. Thrillers include mystery, suspense and crime dramas.

Screenplays must be unproduced.

We do not have a Fan category for this competition.

Screenplays can be written by multiple authors.

Screenplays can be submitted through Without A Box or Film Freeway.

Film Freeway:

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