Our Attending Filmmakers for 2014 will be announced in October 2014!


Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is not a convention; we don’t have guests sitting at tables all day trying to sell DVDs.  The filmmakers who attend our festival do so at their own expense, to show their work, interact with the audience, and engage fellow filmmakers.  The directors and volunteers of Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival are proud that so many filmmakers are joining us for this year’s event!  The festival provides a great opportunity for new and aspiring filmmakers – and film fans – to interact and network with established and up and coming genre pros.  The best thing you can do is attend the screenings of their films, discuss the films, and thank the filmmakers for coming.   These filmmakers are our Guests of Honor.


Distribution GOH:

Paige K. Davis, from our distributor Sponso alternative Cinema.


Visiting Feature Filmmakers







Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment  will present an Exclusive Sneak Preview of Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1   on Saturday, November 9th at 9:30 pm (a short film will precede the feature at 9:20).  This is the first time the finished film has screened anywhere.  After the screening, Lloyd will do a Q&A with the audience.  At Lloyd’s request, all proceeds from this special event will benefit the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center (NACC).  Buffalo Dreams will honor Lloyd with our Dedication to Excellence in Independent Filmmaking Award at our awards presentation.

Bendan Steere, the screenwriter and director of Animosity (executive produced by Roy Frumkes) is expected to attend with star Tracy Willet.

brett kelly






Brett Kelly (The Bonesetter, The Scarab: Avenginbg Force) returns to Buffalo to screen the hilarious musical comedy My Fair Zombie.   He will be accompanied by Peter Whittaker, an actor in the film.

Jerry Landi, director of Krackoon, returns to screen Bloodmarsh Krackoon, along with producer Marc J. Makowski and stars Sal Amore and Martin Vanihel.

Simon Pearce journeys from the UK to screen his amazing directorial debut, Judas Ghost.

Ryan M. Andrews crosses the Canadian border to screen his sharp, twisty zombie opus Sick: Survive the Night.

Fellow Canadians Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira, co-producers/co-directors of the intense slasher film Pinup Dolls on Ice, will be here to pick up the pieces after screening their film.

Writer-director Don Thacker visits us from Chicago to screen the wild cult film Motivational Growth, a surefire film for fans of John Dies at the End.

Jon Keeyes, plans to attend the screening of his excellent thriller Nightmare Box.

Writer-producer Mel House and director Chris Warren will be here to attend the world premiere of their film Imago.

We expect more confirmations as we draw closer to the festival!


Visiting Short Filmmakers

YA novelist and now screenwriter Lynne Hansen escapes late Florida Fall to screen the zombie short He’s Not Looking So Great with director Gregory G. Kurczynski.

Steven Lang, the writer-director of Motel Charlie, is coming to town.

Scott Perry, creator of  the In Fear Of series of horror shorts, returns to Buffalo to screen his latest, Merinthophobia: Fear of Being Bound or Tied Up.  Cinematographer Steven-Mark Glassner joins him.

Writer-producer Kelly Michael Stewart, founder of Toronto’s Blood in the Snow film festival,  and director Navin Ramaswaran will have the World Premiere of their short One More for the Road.

Darren Hutchings, producer and DP of the hilarious killer puppet short Tasha and Friends is joining us.


Local Feature Filmmakers

Native Western New Yorker, director Raymond Guarnieri, and producer Joel Resnikoff represent Queen City in the excellent local feature Buffalo Boys.

Festival co-director Gregory Lamberson and Michae; O’Hear present Dry Bones (non-competition).

Sam Qualiana will screen The Legend of Six Fingers, filmed in Royalton, New York (non-competition).

Jordan Warner presents Constant Angel


Local Short Filmmakers

Brianna Blank presents the animated Kiva.

Robert Gott presents Broken Wings

Will Graver presents Mirror Lake

Kellen Pembleton presents Wormchild 2: Fresh Flesh

Chris Rados presents His Name is Clownface

Mick Thomas presents Rhythm

Louis Winters presents Undead Playground








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