Michael O’Hear is the director and co-star of the upcoming horror comedy feature Dry Bones. He is a counselor by trade and an actor by blood.

He has appeared in Slime City Massacre, House of Horrors: The Movie, The Final Night and Day, among others, and recently completed a role in Model Hunger, directed by Debbie Rochon. He enjoys all parts of production.



David Setlik is an excellent graphic designer who had a big impact on Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival; his website is http://www.davesetlik.com/




Tamar Lamberson

Yes, that Tamar Lamberson: the voice actress in Gregory Lamberson’s Naked Fear (“So… how would ya like it?”), Producer of Lamberson’s short film Gruesome, and Associate Producer of the award-winning feature Slime City Massacre, in which she was a featured extra. She’s organized, and we need organizing.

“I need to get organized” – Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver.


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