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104 Movies in 8 Days!  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Comedy & Drama!

Special 3D kickoff screening of AZTEC BLOOD at Flix Stadium 10 Thurs 11/5!

Feature films shot in Western New York every night of the week!

WNY premiere of Black Fawn Films’ new horror classic BITE!

Debbie Rochon presents the WNY premiere of MODEL HUNGER, filmed in Buffalo!

A Salute to Isaac Ezban: special encores of EL INCIDENTE and COSAS FEAS, and the NYS premiere of LOS PARECIDOS/THE SIMILARS!  Special guest Isaac Ezban.


Most features preceded by shorts and followed by filmmaker Q&As!



Thursday, Nov. 5th at Flix Stadium 10


7:30 pm    Block 1: Special 3D Kickoff Screening: Aztec Blood (US, horror, 82 mins)

Only $2.00!  Charles Pinion’s epic new gore film.  The discovery of an Aztec mummy in New Mexico leads to possession, nudity, murder and mayhem – all in Ultra 3D!  Q&A with producer and co-screenwriter Greg Salman.  Preceded by the short Bloody Mary.  No one under 17 admitted.


Friday, Nov. 6th at Eastern Hills Cinema


1 pm    Block 2: North American Short Films (Horror, SF)

Eleven US and Canadian horror, fantasy and science fiction shorts, including work from Fred Olen Ray (Small Town Prince) and Brett Kelly (My Fair Zombie).


Anxiety #5 (US, horror, 5 mins)

El Aura Azul (US, horror, 8 mins)

A Tale of the Bonesetter (Canada, horror, 15 mins)  Written and directed by Brett Kelly

Carnivore (Canada, horror, 8 mins)

The Peripheral (US, horror, 11 mins)           Starring Lynn Lowry

With Your Crooked Heart (US, horror, 13 mins)

Once, When I Was Dead (US, horror, 19 mins)  Featuring Tiffany Shepis

Discipline (WNY, horror, 13 mins)

Spidora: An Eight Legged Love Story (US, fantasy, 15 mins)  Written and directed by Fred Olen Ray

Femur Creek (Canada, horror, 18 mins)

Positive Traits (WNY, horror, 18 mins)




3:45     Block 3: Three Short Features (horror)

Three medium length films:


Segments of Jonah (US, experimental)

Nopperabou (US/Japan, horror)

Restoration (US, horror)


7:00     Block 4:  Bite (Canada, horror, 90 mins)

Fantastic “body horror” feature about a woman who transforms into an insect-like creature after suffering a mysterious bite.  Q&A with director Chad Archibald and co-producer Christopher G. Gioux from Black Fawn Films, preceded by the short Night of the Slasher.  Neither should be missed!


9:40  Block 5: Model Hunger (US, horror, 85 mins)

Filmed in Buffalo: horror icon Debbie Rochon directed this intense horror thriller about a friendly old lady (Lynn Lowry) who practices cannibalism and serves the leftovers to her unsuspecting neighbors.  Q&A with Rochon, preceded by the short I Am Undone.

Saturday, Nov. 7th at Eastern Hills Cinema


1:00     Block 6: Australiens (Australia, sci-fi comedy, 1 hr 51 mins)

Hilarious sci-fi comedy in the vein of Shaun of the Dead, about space aliens invading…Australia.  Great special effects and nerd humor.  Screens with the WNY short The Experience Machine.


3:30     Block 7: El Incidente/The Incident (Mexico, SF, 100 mins,  English subtitles)

A Salute to Isaac Ezban: special encore of the internationally acclaimed sci-fi thriller which harkens to The Twilight Zone and Lost.  Parallel stories about people stranded in endless environments.  Q&A with writer-director Ezban, visiting from Mexico.  Content is the equivalent of a PG-13 rating but intense.


5:45     Block 8: Cosas Feas/Nasty Stuff (Mexico, SF, 30 mins; English subtitles)

A Salute to Isaac Ezban: special encore of the  amazing sci-fi short about a boy whose awakening sexuality leads to a shocking revelation.  FREE for anyone with a ticket for El Incidente, but contains graphic sexual content unsuitable for anyone under 17.  Q&A with Ezban.


7:00     Block 9: Los Parecidos/The Similars (Mexico, SF, 90 mins; English subtitles)

A Salute to Isaac Ezban: NYS premiere of Ezban’s NEW feature, the ultimate trip through The Twilight Zone, about strangers trapped in a bus station who encounter a fantastic situation.  Equivalent of an R rating, Q&A with Ezban.  Mark this down as a highlight of the festival.


9:40     Block 10: Killer Rack (WNY, comedy, 96 mins)

Buffalo premiere, filmed in Buffalo!  Outrageous horror comedy about a woman who discovers her breast implants are actually man-eating monsters.  Q&A with the filmmakers and cast, including Debbie Rochon.


Sunday, Nov. 8th at Eastern Hills Cinema


1:00     Block 11: Local Short Films

Ten locally produced short films covering a variety of genres.  Forget about football, support local artists!


Locomotion (WNY, experimental SF, 7 mins)

Dust to Dust (WNY, comedy, 9 mins)

Let’s Kidnap a Fat Guy (WNY, comedy, 6 mins)

Silenced (WNY, thriller, 10 mins)

The Amazing Dollar (WNY, comedy, 17 mins)

I Come to Bury Daddy (WNY, drama 9 mins)

Kill the Bitch (WNY, horror, 16 mins)

Failure (WNY, comedy, 7 mins)

Annulment (WNY, horror, 21 mins)

She Loves Me (WNY, horror, 15 mins)



3:15     Block 12: Science Fiction Shorts

Three science fiction shorts produced in New York State, including Mind Sifter, a fan produced version of Star Trek.


The Derelict (WNY, SF, animation, 13 mins)

Siren (WNY, SF, action, 30 mins)

Mind Sifter (NYS, SF, web series, fan film, 67 mins)


5:30     The Dreamer Awards


7:20     Block 13: Saint Frankenstein  and Wolf House (NYC/WNY, horror)

Short film by NYC cult filmmaker Scooter McCrae featuring Tina Krause explores the Frankenstein mythos; contains nudity and mature themes, no one under 17 admitted; screens with frightening local found footage fan feature about campers encountering hostile wolf-like creatures.  Q&As with the filmmakers, Matt Lord, Ken Cosentino, Elizabeth Hulihan.


9:35     Block 14: Holy Hell (Canada, comedy, 90 mins)

Hilarious, outrageous and violent exploitation spoof about a vigilante priest, guaranteed to offend everyone!  Q&A with filmmaker/star Ryan LePlante,. No one under 17 admitted.  Screens with Written On Your Stone (WNY, music video, 5 mins)


Monday, Nov 9th at Eastern Hills Cinemas


1:00     Block 15: Crushed (Australia, thriller, 1 hr 51 mins)

Excellent mystery thriller in the vein of the TV series The Killing about an alcoholic woman who returns home to her family’s vineyard after her father is murdered.  Perfect for the regular patrons of Eastern Hills Cinemas.  Q&A with writer-director Megan Riakos.  Screens with the comedy short Dog Bowl, introduced by filmmaker Gordy Hoffman.


3:30     Block 16: Valley of the Sasquatch (US, horror, 92 mins)

Fun creature feature about a father and son who discover the woods around their cabin is populated by a tribe of legendary creatures.  A hit on the film festivl circuit.  Excellent Bigfoot costumes.  Screens with the excellent horror short Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir (US, horror, 14 mins)


5:30     Block 17: The Search for Silverspear (WNY, animated)

Four animated films from around the world, including the world premiere of The Search for Silverspear, written and directed by Rochester filmmaker Curtiss Markham.  Not suitable for children under 10.


Little Brother (6 mins)

Dawit (Gemany, 15 mins)

The Junk Girl (Iran, 18 mins)

The Search for Silverspear (WNY, 59 mins)




7:30     Block 18: The Beautiful Ones (US, action, 90 mins)

The coolest film of the festival!  An action flick that spins Romeo and Juliet into a mafia yarn, and a cinematic love letter to classic tough guy movies, with a star making turn by Ross McCall.  You’ll cheer the ending!  Screens with Joke’s On You (US, crime, 5 mins) and The Normal (WNY, crime, 9 mins).


9:30     Block 19: Dick Johnson & Tommygun vs. the Cannibal Cop (WNY, horror/comedy, 85 mins)

World premiere, filmed in Buffalo!  Mismatched detectives (John Renna, Sam Qualiana) hunt for a uniformed serial killer in this over the cop action-comedy-horror-buddy cop movie featuring Debbie Rochon, Danny Hicks and Timothy Quill. Contains nudity and torture, no one under 17 admitted. Q&A with the filmmakers.  Screens with  Brothers (Canada, horror, 11 mins) and Written in Blood (WNY, horror, 19 mins).


Tuesday, 11/9 at Eastern Hills Cinemas


1:30     Block 20:  Pete’s All Stars (US, drama, 1 hr 43 mins)

Another perfect movie for the Eastern Hills audience, a lighthearted drama about losers with big dreams on a minor baseball team.  Q&A with writer-director Mike French.  Screens with Ace (UK, comedy, 6 mins), Shiner (UK, comedy, 10 mins) and Secrets and Lies (US, music video, 3 mins).


4:00     Block 21:   Parallel (US, SF, 90 mins)

When a scientist time travels to the near future, he winds up on a parallel earth ravaged by a comet.  Excellent science fiction film with strong performances, human drama and a central love story.  Screens with Replika (SF, 26 mins) and Three Rabbits (Mexico, western, 18 mins).


7:00     Block 22:  Sugar Wonder Blues (WNY, drama, 82 mins)

Festival premiere, filmed in Buffalo!  Top notch local drama based on Darryl Schneider’s play Two to the Head.  After their father’s death, two brothers fight for control of his auto repair shop.  Not to be missed.  Q&A with the filmmakers.  Screens with The Spell Tutor (Canada, fantasy, 5 mins) and Fairy Knowledge (US, fantasy, 5 mins).


9:25     Block 23: Project M (Canada, SF, 1 hr 39 mins, in French with English subtitles)

Science fiction at its best, in the vein of Gravity and The Martian: four astronauts must survive on a space station with limited supplies following a disaster on earth.  Excellent special effects and performances.  Screens with Therefore I Am (WNY, SF, 9 mins) and Maintenance Required (15 mins).


Wednesday, 11/10 at Eastern Hills Cinemas


1:00     Block 24: A Dark Rome  (Italy, comedy thriller, 92 mins)

Selected for the Eastern Hills crowd: a stylish black comedy about an ambitious tattoo artist whose job at a beauty salon which caters to Vatican priests leads to blackmail and murder.  Screens with Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? (Canada, horror comedy, 14 mins) and The Falling Off (US, music video, 4 mins).


3:15     Block 25: Counter Clockwise (US, SF, 91 mins)

A scientist time travels six months into the future only to find himself the prime suspect in the murder of his wife and sister.  Can he change the course of recent history?  Inventive thriller with a sardonic sense of humor.  Screens with I’ve Just Had a Dream (Spain, 8 mins) and The Detectives of Noir Town (Australia, comedy, 7 mins).


5:30     Block 26: The Weirdsies (WNY, comedy, 68 mins)

Filmed in Western New York!  World premiere of Rochester filmmaker Chris Seaver’s raunchy comedy about four friends on a bizarre quest to lose their virginity. No one under 17.  Q&A with Seaver.  Screens with Iris (US, thriller, 11 mins) and Kirk v. Picard (Australia, crime, 19 mins)


7:30     Block 27:  Stand Off   (WNY, action horror, 90 mins)

Filmed in Buffalo!  Action packed local zombie tale about the survivors of a zombie outbreak in apocalyptic Buffalo, New York!  Q&A with the filmmakers.  Screens with Lifeline (US, horror, 18 mins)


9:40     Block 28:   Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster  (WNY, experimental horror, 1 hr 40 mins)

Filmed in Buffalo!  An experimental, revisionist look at the Frankenstein mythos with audacious set design and cinematography.  Screens with Gelato Giallo (US, horror, 5 mins).


Thursday, Nov. 12th at Eastern Hills Cinemas


1:00     Block 29:         International Short Films

Seven amazing short films from around the world covering comedy, sci-fi, action, horror, and fantasy!


Shi (Japan, horror, 8 mins)

A Gringo Honeymoon (Mexico, thriller, 14 mins)

Vicious (UK, horror, 12 mins)

Aletko (Switzerland, SF, 23 mins)

Blue Eyed Boy (Iran, fantasy, 18 mins)

The Autumn of Zao (fantasy, 18 mins)

Eternity (South Korea, action horror, 30 mins)


3:20     Block 30:  Old 37 (US, horror, 84 mins)

Old school slasher film about murderous paramedics, starring Kane Hodder and Bill Mosely.  No one under 17.


5:30     Block 31:  International Shorts 2

Seven amazing short horror films from around the world!


Therapy (Australia, horror comedy, 15 mins)

The Priest (Australia, horror, 10 mins)

With Time (Dubai, horror, 14 mins)

Schwarzberg (Austria, horror, 28 mins)

Mr. Denton (Spain, horror, 9 mins)

In Extremis (UK, horror, 14 mins)

Naive Elisa (Mexico, horror, 15 mins)



7:30     Block 32:  Late Night Double Feature  (Canada, horror comedy, 89 mins)

Outrageous horror comedy anthology utilizing a film-within-a-film framework hits all the marks!  Q&A with the filmmakers.  screens with Lumberjacked (WNY, comedy, 9 mins).


9:30  Block 33:   The Outlaw: Virus (WNY, fantasy, 90 mins)

Buffalo premiere, filmed in Buffalo!  Outrageous, over the top, erotic, avant garde, heavy metal fantasy from our special guests Aceifer and Fawn Genovese.  No one under 17 admitted.  Screens with the world premiere of The Muse, The Oracle and Baby J (WNY, comedy, 30 mins), another exploration of religion and mythology.


Admission: $9.50 per block ∙ $7.50 for students and military ID ∙ $7.00 for seniors ∙ Day Pass only $20.00

All Festival Pass ONLY $100!



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