Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is calling for entries for its 2014 edition, which will run from Friday, November 7th – Thursday, November 13th.  The festival celebrates multiple genres – science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, thriller, animation, cult and fan films – in three divisions: National, International and Western New York.  The mission of the festival is to bring the best independent films from around the world to Buffalo, New York, and to celebrate the work of the most talented regional filmmakers.  In 2013, Buffalo Dreams screened 85 films from around the world: 26 features, 59 shorts, 27 international films, and 13 Western New York productions.  Thirty filmmakers visited Buffalo to attend the event.

For 2014, the festival is expanding the scope of its programming even further: music videos will now be eligible for competition in all three divisions; shorts will be split into two categories, micro-shorts running six minutes or less and shorts running seven to thirty minutes; and dramas and comedies will be considered in the Western New York division.  The festival is also launching a Best Original Screenplay contest for unproduced feature length screenplays in all genres.

“Music videos are a vibrant part of filmmaking, and the music scene is a big part of Buffalo, so we want to embrace that area of creativity,” says festival co-founder Gregory Lamberson.  “Splitting the shorts into two different categories makes sense because six minute shorts and thirty minute shorts are very different.  This allows films of similar lengths to compete on a more even playing field, and it opens the door to films created for the 48 Hr. Film Festival.  As far as the additions to the Western New York division go, we want to show the best films this area has to offer, regardless of genre.  In our other divisions, we’re still focused solely on the specified genres.  It was always our plan to include a screenplay competition, but there was just too much to do launching the festival in its first season to tackle that as well.  Now that final ingredient has been added.”

Submissions are open through Without a Box, and Early Bird specials run through February 1st, 2014.  For additional information, visit Without a Box:


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Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival will hold several “Best of Buffalo Dreams” nights at the Screening Room Cinema Café, 3131 Sheridan Drive, in the Northtown Plaza.  The first year festival programmed 85 films from around the world over seven days: 26 features, 59 shorts, 27 international films and 13 local productions.  Forty awards were handed out, including Dedication to Indie Excellence for Troma pioneer Lloyd Kaufman; the Indie Genre Spirit Award to cult filmmaker Albert Pyun; and Local Service Awards for Buffalo-Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark and Buffalo Film Office Director of Operations Rich Wall.  The later awards were presented by Pat Kaufman, the former New York State Film Commissioner.  Paige K. Davis, Director of Business Development for Alternative Cinema, gave a seminar on DVD and VOD distribution for independent filmmakers.

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival celebrates the best independent films in the categories of science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, thriller, animation and cult cinema.  Over 30 filmmakers traveled to Buffalo for the event, which festival directors Gregory Lamberson and Chris Scioli cite as a measuring stick for success.  Simon Pearce, director of the feature Judas Ghost (winner of the Best International Horror Feature Award) came all the way from the UK to answer questions from the audience.  A benefit screening of Kaufman’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1, lensed in Niagara Falls, raised almost $3,000 for the Niagara Arts and Culture Center (NACC).

“We exceeded our expectations as far as attracting out of town filmmakers to Buffalo,” says Lamberson.  “These are people who stayed in Buffalo hotels, enjoyed Buffalo restaurants, visited Niagara Falls, and supported each others’ film screenings.  It was a great week for our festival launch, and a great week for Buffalo.”

On Wednesday, November 27th,at 7:00 pm,  the Screening Room presents Don Thacker’s Motivational Growth (Best Cult Feature, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Special Make-Up Effects), about sentient mold (voiced by Re-Animator’s Jeffrey Combs) that takes over the life of a depressed shut-in.  The film has won awards at festivals around the country.  At 9:30 pm, the German suspense film On Air (Best International Thriller, Best Directors), about a serial killer who calls in to a pirate radio station host, with dire consequences, is guaranteed to have viewers on the edge of their seats.

On Saturday, November 30th, Brendan Steere’s Animosity (Best Horror feature, best Actress Tracy Willet) screens at 7:00 pm.  At 9:30 pm, the local short Broken Wings (Best Western New York Short, Best Action Short, Best Western New York Screenplay), which examines the nature of a mysterious pulp superhero, plays with Pearce’s Judas Ghost (Best International Horror Feature).  Four more features will screen Friday, January 10th and Sunday, January 11th.  Admission is only $7 per feature, or $10 per double feature.



Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival’s 2013 season has wrapped, and it was wonderful.  Thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted films for consideration, those whose work we screened, those who came to Buffalo, our volunteers, our die hard supporters, and people who attended a screening or two.    We will reopen submissions for our 2014 season in a few weeks.



Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, which runs Friday, Nov. 8th – Thursday, Nov. 14th at the Dipson Amherst Theatre, 3500 Main Street in Buffalo, New York, will host a special seminar and Q&A session, “DVD & VOD Distribution for Independent Films,” with Paige K. Davis, Director of Business Development for Alternative Cinema/POP Cinema Studios, on Saturday, November 9th, from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm at the Screening Room Cinema Café, 3131 Sheridan Drive, in the Northtown Plaza. 

Davis oversees the acquisition and marketing of independent genre feature films on DVD and VOD (Video on Demand) for Alternative Cinema.  The company has several imprints, including Camp Motion Pictures, Independent Entertainment, Bloody Earth Films, and Seduction Cinema.  Davis oversaw the releases of Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, which it placed in Family Video, Wal-Mart Canada and Redbox Canada, and Crimson: the Motion Picture, which it placed in Best Buy.  AC has acquired Sam Qualiana’s latest film, The Legend of Six Fingers.  The films mentioned above share something in common: they were made on shoestring budgets in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

“I’ve worked with Paige since 2004, when Alternative Cinema released my film Slime City on DVD,” says Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival co-founder Gregory Lamberson.  “Her knowledge of the business end of indie film distribution on DVD and VOD runs deep, and she’s given great, informative talks on the subject in the past.  This is a ‘must attend’ event for any indie filmmaker who’s serious about getting their films released by a legitimate company.”

Admission for this event is free for filmmakers whose work is screening at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, Festival Dream Pass holders, Saturday Day Pass holders, and sponsors of the festival, and $5.00 for the general public.  Advance tickets for Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival are available on the Dipson Theatres website, including tickets for a screening of Lloyd Kaufman’s return to Nuke ‘Em High, which will benefit the Niagara Art & Culture Center (NACC) in Noagara Falls.






We are thrilled to announce we have a new sponsor: FANGORIA magazine!  Look for exclusive coverage of Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival on Fango’s website: http://www.fangoria.com/new/

ADVANCE TICKETS will go on sale soon at the Dipson Theaters website: http://amherst.dipsontheatres.com/.  A “block” of programming can consist of one short and one feature, two shorts and one feature, three shorts and one feature, or a collection of shorts.  Admission is $8.00 per block.  Weekday Day Passes are $20.00 per day, Weekend Day Passes are $25.00 per day.  An All Festival Pass costs $79.00 until October 31st and $99.00 after that.  Only 250 seats will be available for Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1  on Saturday, Nov. 9th, and we do expect it to sell out.  You can arrange purchase of an All Festival Pass by contacting:  buffalodreamsfilmfest(at)gmail.com

BREAKING NEWS: One of our sponsors is OFF BEAT CINEMA, the hep cat movie host show based in Buffalo and syndicated around the country.  The show will run a 30 second TV spot locally, and a 10 second spot to 80 stations nationwide.  This is a huge development for our first year festival, one that will create awareness for us on the airwaves.  In addition, Zelda, Bird and Maxwell Truth conducted an interview with me at BUZZ CON last month that will run before the fest.  You can watch the 30 second spot right here: http://youtu.be/jIN5UN_Vpj4

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BREAKING NEWS: The complete Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival schedule has been posted on the FILMS/SCHEDULE page.  We’ve included short descriptions of the features, and trailer links for them, because people who buy advance tickets will identify each programming block by a feature film title.  We’ll add descriptions and trailers (when applicable) next week.  Seven days, 29 blocks, 85 films!  At this point, 21 out of town filmmakers will be joining us.

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We have posted our list of selections for Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival!  In total, we’ll be showing 85 films: 26 features and 59 shorts!   45 films from the US (including 13 from Western New York), 13 from Canada, and 27 that are international or international/US co-productions!

Go to our FILMS/SCHEDULE page for the complete list:










Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival will host an Exclusive Sneak Preview of Troma’s RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL. 1.  This is the first time the finished film will screen in its entirety anywhere.  After the screening, director Lloyd Kaufman will do a Q&A with the audience.  Buffalo Dreams will honor Lloyd with its Dedication to Excellence in Independent Filmmaking Award at our awards presentation.  For additional details: http://www.buffalodreamsfilmfest.com/return-to-nuke-em-high-vol-1-exclusive-sneak-preview-at-buffalo-dreams-fantastic-film-festival

The mission of Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is twofold: to bring the best independently produced Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Thriller, Cult, Animation and Fan films from around the world to Western New York, and to spotlight the best local genre film productions and filmmakers.

Over the course of three years, founding festival directors Gregory Lamberson and Chris Scioli built Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival into a respected international film festival.  Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival allows them to expand their programming to show more films from more genres, with the same commitment to celebrating excellence in independent filmmaking.

Buffalo Dreams will present short, medium, and feature length films in the coolest genres known to mankind. We want the best indie films available and aim to be a filmmaker friendly festival that showcases Buffalo, New York at its best.

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2013 festival.


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